Baby Shower Themes for Boys

Baby shower invitations come in a lot of different styles. You will easily find a design to match your showers theme and compliment the ideas that you have made about how the party with progress. Of course not everyone wants to send a generic card, they want one that reflects the gender of the child being born, that is why this site is dedicated to baby shower invitations for boys. What do you think? Let us know what you want and we will be more than pleased to try and accommodate your wishes. Just remember, we only focus on baby boy invitations, if you would like to see something new added in that range we would be pleased to work together with you.

Boy Baby Shower Ideas

Elephant  Boy - Chalkboard

Chalkboard themed elephant invitations! Perfect for a boy themed baby shower! Check out our matching items.

Blue Boy Peanut Elephant

Colors can be changed and matching party items and thank you cards can be made. For more information, email some clipart designed by freepik.

Rustic Wood Blue Deer Boy

A stylish deer themed boy invite. Perfect for a rustic theme. Design features a dark barn wood background, deer with antlers and bunting banner in blue, navy and gray.

Safari Jungle Baby Boy Shower

Fun Modern showerr invite! Matching party items {banners, water labels, cupcake toppers,etc} available, email Graphics by Zenware Designs at Mygrafico

Woodland Creatures  - Boy

A invitation featuring an illustration of a fox, an owl, and a raccoon standing around a tree wrapped in banner that says, "It&#;s A Boy!" Tree features exposed roots, green leaves, and mushrooms. Blue and white bunting above customizable text.

Baby Shower Themes for Little Boys

A lot of different themes are available for baby boy showers. These include the popular ones that we all know and love. Still, there are plenty of ideas that might not be on top of your list. None the less they should definitely be considered, even if they do not appear to be suitable for baby boys.

Welcoming a new baby son in the family is a joyful event that should be remembered by everyone. One way to start the welcoming of the new addition is through a baby shower. It provides a time when family and friends can get together and celebrate in preparation of the baby.

It can be very fun to plan a baby shower. You can display a lot of creativity and make the baby shower a very unique and sounds classy event with a little Planning ahead. Take time with friends to plan the event can be a true joy for everyone involved. The case also shows the mother how she truly loved and appreciated.

One important decision that must be made before anything else is done if you choose a baby shower theme. Some people skip this step for a well-organized baby shower you will want a theme. It helps to tie the piece together. We have some of the top suggestions below to help you decide on a theme that is right for the occasion.

Animal Themes

These can be very fun events with cute little cartoon animals around the room. When you use this theme, you’ll think the mother. She was not a favorite animal that she is loved. For example, a monkey or a bunny can be suitable for the occasion. You should really keep in mind the things that the mother should keep and try to choose a theme around it. Animals are really easy to use as a theme as there are a lot of stickers, clip art, and even fun games based on specific animals.

Disney Themes

This is of course a very popular baby shower for boys. Many people have a certain Disney character they love. It can be fun to one single Disney character in a baby shower theme like a Donald Duck theme be used or you can use the entire gang. It is a very easy theme and lots of baby shower items come with Disney characters already on them. You can, for example, invitations, balloons, decorations and even cakes decorated with Disney characters. As a Disney baby shower theme is a very easy one to pull.


just think about it, spring is in the air, flowers are blooming every where and tiny baby is born! What a great natural combination. Flowers are so natural, light and refreshing makes a great baby shower theme. Again it is very easy to find flower baby shower theme items at your local craft stores.

Winnie the Pooh

It would really fall under Disney characters, however, that Winnie the Pooh is so popular he gets a theme category all its own. Yes that Winnie the Pooh baby shower themes are among the most popular. The only decision you have to make is to go with the classic Poker that Winnie the baby shower theme or the standard that Winnie the Pooh theme. Either way you have a natural winner. The best thing that Winnie the Pooh is a baby shower theme can be great for a baby of the sex that you don’t know. That Winnie the Pooh is equally great for baby boys.

Noah’s Ark

Noah’s ark is another unprecedented popular baby shower theme. Noah and his ship full of animals is something that every baby is loved and is also a classic for parents.


Colors are a fun and easy way to decorate and also off a baby shower theme. The classic is, of course, blue for a boy baby shower theme. Yellow is then used for a baby, the sex is unknown. However, you can have fun with it and do whatever you want. You might try using a cluster of primary colors and has a crayon or paint theme.

While there are a few ideas listed above is in no way is this list complete. There is so much fun and cool baby shower themes that one can do. It is only limited by the Planner. So take some time, original and select a unique baby shower theme.

Sweet Nautical Boy Baby Shower Invitations

What are you looking for? Elephants? Nautical themed cards? There are a lot of different styles of baby shower invitations for boys and none are more popular right now that the nautical themed showers.

There are many reasons why this is a logical step in the right direction when it is time to find the right theme for your baby shower. When you look through the different nautical themed cards on the site you will see why this is such an adorable match.

The phrase, “ahoy, it’s a boy,” makes an adorable call out to your friends and family and gives then the perfect opportunity to come together and celebrate the newest addition to the family. We have a large collection of fun invites that play an important role in setting the tone for your party. In fact there are a lot of different styles of invitations when it comes to nautical themed baby showers and it is pretty easy to get exactly what you are looking for. Finding the best fit is sometimes a challenge, however, once you know what you are looking for it is a lot of fun finding the perfect design.

It is now easier than ever before to customize sailor and ship themed baby shower invitations for the celebration. That is why it is so pleasing to be able to offer such a complete collection of nautical invitations with everything that you will need to make your baby shower a success.

Little Man , Navy Blue, Gray

Invite attendees to your shower with this classic little man themed invitation! Available in many colors and patterns.

Navy Nautical It's a Boy

Modern invitation featuring navy and white stripes and anchor. Other colors are available.

Boy Little Prince Royal Blue Golden

African American Royal Prince Crown Blue Gold Golden Boy in Chair Throne. Cute Pretty Cute Couples Ethnic Baby Shower, Baby boy and Drapes invitation, new baby boy.

Navy And Gold , Baby boy

This navy and gold invitation is perfect for the arrival of a new baby boy! Please note no actual glitter is used. Invitation is made with a glitter texture to resemble glitter when printed. Check out the Ellison Reed shop for more creative designs!

Gender reveal   Boy or Girl

♥ A perfect way to invite your guests to gender reveal party!

Boy Elephant

Blue Elephant Invitations

Boys Chalkboard Dinosaur

Design Description An EXCLUSIVE original design by MonkeyHutDesigns. &#; Featuring adorable dinosaurs on a chalkboard background. Features: shades of BLUE, GREEN and TAN color theme. Wonderful theme for a boy! USE the Customize it! button to change fonts and layout of wording&#; In order to be able to change fonts/font colors/size, as well as move the text boxes where you want, click on the Customize It! button just below the product image (NOT just the text input boxes in the Personalize It section over on the right). An additional menu with designing options will appear, then you will be able to pretty much put your text anywhere. &#; All artwork/images/illustrations/designs are copyright and NOT to be reproduced in any way. PERSONAL USE only. Artist retains copyright. All rights reserved. &#; MonkeyHutDesigns/MonkeyHut

Love You to the Moon and Back Blue Boy

♥ A cute and fun invite for your little one on it&#;s way!

Fall Autumn Pumpkin Baby Boy Shower

Fall Autumn Pumpkin Baby Boy Shower Invitation

Ahoy It's A Boy! Nautical Boat  Invites

Ahoy It&#;s A Boy! Nautical Boat Invites.

Ahoy It's a Boy!

Nautical watercolor themed boy invitation.

Boy , Elephant

Baby boy elephant tropical, jungle invitation.

Rustic Blue Baby Sprinkle Invite / boy

This blue baby sprinkle invitation has the perfect mix of rustic and softness. Matching items available. Just ask designer if you cannot find what you need.

Baby Boy Sprinkle Shower  blue gold

matching thank you cards, stamps, favor tags, etc are available. email for more info. Thanks!

Navy Blue It's a Boy Script

Cute and modern invitation featuring white calligraphy script on navy blue background with stripes pattern. This design is available in a variety of colors.

There are so many themes out there for baby showers for boys. Depending on if it’s a surprise, multiples, who knows! It did a couple of ideas for the suite. It was a elephant theme and I have gotten a lot of great feedback for it. We have been getting so many requests since I added them to the shop! Right now I just have the elephant shower featured under the “Newly Added”, but I am planning on adding more animal options in the future.

I recently added a shower suite for a baby shower that has been all the talk, elephant baby shower invites for boys. People might say animal, but what they mostly because they wanted an elephant theme. These are especially popular with grandmothers-to-be, due to the cute sailor outfits. I thought that the idea of adding the peanut aspect to the cards was pretty cute and tried to play with the idea of the “little peanut”. I looked online for elephant and shower images to work with. I found a few things that I could use for reference points when drawing inspiration for the shower got busy collection the best invitations together.

I knew the set was going to be for a baby boy so the colors were going to be blue and gray as these are idea for both the boy aspect and the elephant ones as well. I also wanted to include the family aspect on the card (which I personally like) and also a book wishing well.

Lastly if the mother-to-be wants to have themed thank you cards she is in luck. This will save the mother-to-be from needing to worry about going out and getting them.

I really like the way this suite came out. It can definitely be changed but it even works well as a gender neutral option and not just for a boy.

Boy Theme Baby Shower Invitation Ideas

The baby shower is a celebration held for a pending or recent baby birth. It is common in countries such as the US and other western countries. List of these countries, with their number who would like this and four Ocean growing. In this celebration, family, friends, family and other people come with gifts and presents for mom and baby to the party. A specialty of this party is that only women attend this party and no men are invited.

In earlier times, baby shower party is only for the first baby of the family. But with time, this concept has been situations where. People like to celebrate it for mother-to-be baby for all numbers. They invite people by their baby shower invitations. This invitation cards are specifically for the purpose of baby shower party.

Baby shower invitations is not a common type of invitation. People can not be confused for an ideal invitation template design. These patterns are usually designed after the choice of parents. They may prefer to choose a design according to their cultural trends, season or a simple template with no images. These patterns can vary in design, range and cost.

You can have unlimited number of baby shower invitation Templates on the internet. You only need to choose a template and then start editing it with the Editor software is available for both desktop and mobile to make necessary changes. These sample templates will not only make ease in the choice of appropriate deign for your baby shower party invitation, but also help you design your own modified invitation of your own choice.

Your baby shower invitations should not hand made to be perfect. The baby boy will be the center of attention and you can be proud that you are such a wonderful impression.

Little Sailor Boy Nautical

Sailor invitation with adorable sailor baby boy on a ship wheel and anchor nautical background. This adorable nautical invitation is easily customized for your event. Add your details to the front and/or back by simply adding your event details, font style, font size & color, and wording. You can delete or move the Ahoy as needed.

Baby Blue, White Gray Elephant

Baby Shower Invitation. Featuring a gray chevron pattern with baby blue and white polka dots and a cute adorable cartoon baby boy elephant. Impress your guest with this darling invitation. Lots of Matching products and four more colors (pink, yellow, lavender, and mint green) are available. % Customizable. Ready to Fill in the box(es) or Click on the CUSTOMIZE button to add, move, delete, resize or change any of the font or graphics. Made with high resolution vector and/or digital graphics for a professional print. NOTE: (THIS IS A PRINT. All zazzle product designs are "prints" unless otherwise stated under "About This Product" area) The design will be printed EXACTLY like you see it on the screen and on the please make sure when you do your changes on the resizing of any of the graphics or text that it fits in the areas correctly and that your spelling and wording is how you like it to be in size, color and font. If you have any questions about this design please contact me at or visit my store link: (Copy and Paste) I&#;ll be happy to help. Thank you for the support and stopping by my store – DesignsbyDonnaSiggy. &#; Donna Siegrist

Little Man , Navy Blue, Gray

Invite attendees to your shower with this classic little man themed invitation! Coordinating items and other color choices can be found here:

OH BOY Bow Tie Baby Sprinkle / boy

This rustic bow tie baby sprinkle invitation has the perfect mix of rustic and fun. Matching items available. Just ask designer if you cannot find what you need.

Gold Crown Royal Blue Prince Boy

Fancy royal blue and gold crown prince invitation with elegant royal blue and gold crown and banners on a rich royal blue and gold swirl background. This elegant, fancy, beautiful royal blue and gold prince invitation is easily customized by simply adding your details in the font style of your choice. This is a printed design with no real diamonds, gold, etc.

Little Man , Baby Blue, Navy

Invite attendees to your shower with this classic little man themed invitation! Available in many colors and patterns. Matching diaper raffle tickets here:

Fancy Prince  Blue and Gold

Beautiful royal blue and gold with blue and gold crown fancy royal invitation. This exquisite royal blue and gold prince invitation is easily customized for your event by simply adding your details in the font style and color, wording and layout of your choice.

Ahoy It's A Boy! Nautical Boat  Invites

Ahoy It&#;s A Boy! Nautical Boat Invites.

Royal Blue Gold Drapes Prince  Ethnic

Prince Boy Faux Gold Foil Little Prince is on his way, Baby Shower. Elegant Blue Gold Crown. Prince Royal Navy Blue Gold. Ethnic African American Boy. Sparkle Golden Drapes Curtains Gold Crown Boy Baby Shower. Little Prince is on his way

Boy , Jungle

Baby boy elephant tropical, jungle invitation.

Oh Boy Tribal

Cute modern watercolor tribal themed boy invitation.

It's A Boy Lumberjack

It&#;s A Boy Lumberjack Invitation.

Lumberjack Buffalo Plaid Boys Boho

Lumberjack invitations with baby feet and arrows on a Kraft paper and buffalo plaid background. This Boho adventure begins invitation is easily customized for your event by simply adding your details.

Nautical Navy Ribbon Anchor It's a Boy

Nautical invitation featuring white and navy stripes with anchors and a ribbon.

Woodland Creatures Fall Autumn  - Boy

A invitation featuring an illustration of a fox, an owl, and a raccoon standing around a tree wrapped in banner that says, "It&#;s A Boy!" Tree features exposed roots, autumn leaves, and mushrooms. Blue and white bunting above customizable text.

Royal Prince  Black Gold Ethnic

Black and Gold Royal Little Prince Baby Shower. Cute Boy with a Gold Crown. Boy for Ethnic African American baby boy. Elegant for a boy. Very cute baby shower.

Adventure Baby Boy Shower

The mama to be will love these beautiful travel-inspired invitations.

Gray & White Stripe Baby Boy Shower Blue Accents

Cute and hip invitation with gray and white stripes with blue accents. Bring a book matching enclosure card

Chalkboard Green Blue Bunting Boy

A chalkboard themed boy invitation. Featuring a blue and green bunting banner and modern script font.

Teddy Bear  Baby Boy

♥ A cute and fun invite for your little one on it&#;s way!

Prince Boy  Gold Blue African American

Gold and Royal Blue Boy it&#;s a boy Party Invitation. Elegant gold diamond floral design with cute baby boy and crown. Ethnic African American Baby Shower

Royal Blue Navy Gold Prince  Ethnic

Boy Royal Blue Navy Gold Crown. Royal blue. For Prince Baby Boy. Couples Baby Shower. Ethnic African American baby shower

Little Man , Teal, Green

Invite attendees to your shower with this classic little man themed invitation! Available in many colors and patterns.

Boy Couples BabyQ BBQ

Couples BabyQ BBQ Invitation

Pumpkin Fall   Burlap

Pumpkin Fall Invitation Card with burlap, orange polka dots and chalkboard background. For further customization, please click the "Customize it" button and use our design tool to modify this template.

Baby shower games for boys

Baby shower games should be fun, easy to play in groups and most importantly get the guests excited and interact with each other. Without games, a boy baby shower may just feel like any old lunch party. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on games makes it fun and personalized.

We start out our afternoon with a simple game that tied with the theme: “Counting sheep”. We have a small plastic jar full of sheep animal crackers, tied a Ribbon and a tag around it with instructions and passed it around in the room. If guests eat right aka “midnight snacks” they tried to guess how many sheep Firecrackers filled the jar. The person who is closest to the number guessed it without going to the prize.

The only supplies you need is an empty plastic bottle, some Ribbon to jazz, and a large bucket of animal Crackers (the hardest part was to dig through and find the sheep-shaped ones to put in our jar).

The second game we played is baby-theme taboo (soon on our Store!). This is the baby boy shower version of the classic game where a player tries to get her team members try to guess the word on her card by which it describes. She may not be the word itself or a small list of “taboo” words. The team (we divided into groups of three) that the most guesses right in the allotted time won prizes.

This game, we personalize the forbidden cards on metallic card stock printed lavendar and the back of every card with the mom-to-be’s name and baby shower date printed. Again, all you need for this game is a pdf file of the maps, a few pieces of card stock and a printer.

It would of course be a baby shower for boys without a few more traditional games. We prefer the super simple game of “Guess the size of the mom-to-be’s belly”. We passed around a ball of yarn and a pair of scissors to the guests, ask them to cut a piece of thread that mom’s stomach would work. The person whose piece of thread fits the mother’s stomach, the best prize. This game is ideal because it can be played while guests are eating lunch or dessert. You always get a laugh when inevitably a gas with no sense of estimate the mark by about a foot or two Miss.

Our grand finale was the baby cram game (also soon on our Store!). It is cheap, but a little planning. We have a large cram Council oversized poster paper. We use Blue Metallic Paper make each question-and-answer card in six different categories (baby and Goodnight theme related of course). If guests have different categories selected, we pulled the cards of the poster Board. Who correctly answer the question first, held on the card with the dollar value. It was an easy way to keep score. At the end, guests could pick how many points/dollar they earn. Our categories included lullabies, baby animals, parents in the Bible, and Guinness World baby records.

Boy baby shower game prizes

We wanted to offer prices which were useful and tied into the theme. For two of the games, we gave out gift baskets full of “Moonlit path” flavored items from bath and body works.

Because baby is taboo was a team game, we took out three $5 gift certificates to “enjoy a Nightcap” at STARbucks to the team that won.

And our grand prize went to the winner of baby danger, two tickets to “See the stars” – go to a local movie theater.

Baby boy shower favors

The entire Goodnight theme to to bring together and to give our guests a small gift to remember the shower and say thank you for coming, we handed out candles with little sleeping bunnies on them. Our personalized tags tied to the candles. Check out these beautiful candles in our Store now!

Baby Sprinkles for Boys

Baby showers are traditionally thrown for boys for first time mothers. They are designed to make this mothers with many of the items they still have. However mothers who expect their second, third, or fourth babies shower as well as enjoy. Even though they already have many of the items they need to care for a new baby, they can still benefit from certain items. More importantly, they can benefit from the love and joy that comes with the celebration of a new life. The following tips can help make a baby sprinkle fun, and appropriate, for the expectant mother.

Keep the guest list small

Baby shower guest lists can run pretty large. Some of the luxurious parties can more than 100 attendees. Sprinkle showers, by contrast, is more causal events and must therefore occur on a smaller scale. A good rule is to make the guest list of about half the size of the one at the expectant mother’s first party. If, for example, she has 25 people at her first shower, invite 12 to the straw. Keep the guest list is limited to intimate friends and family that most will enjoy celebrating the new pregnancy.

Keep simple gifts

While baby showers are opportunities to give the expectant mother important items such as strollers, swings, bouncy seats and fancy clothes, sprinkles should focus on simpler gifts. Mothers expect again usually have most of the more expensive items, and, if they have a baby of the same gender, must usually have plenty of clothes. Instead, ask the guests to bring baby supplies that are practical and easy to use. Good ideas are diaper cream, diapers, and baby wipes. Consider, for example, diaper cakes make a beautiful but very useful gift for any mother of young children.

Keep food simple

Thirdly, when throwing a sprinkle, it’s important to keep the refreshments simple as well. For example, a smaller supply of basic cake decorating. Instead of offering a full-course meal, provide a dessert buffet. Keep the party in the afternoon so that you can offer snack or right instead of a sit-down meal. The key is to provide food in accordance with the smaller, more informal atmosphere of the party as a whole.

Sprinkle showers can be a good way to remind an expectant mother of your love and support of her during a second, third, or more pregnancy. This smaller, more casual events requires some considerations as you plan it. Use the above tips can help an effective, fun, and totally appropriate shower for a friend or family member.